For Sale! | Pay to Yook

    Need Your Website? Starting from $100

  1. Let us know your favorate reference site
  2. Need your information in writing by something like MS Words
  3. Need your domain name at GoDaddy
  4. Fees: Annual Domain Registration, Monthly Hosting
  5. Additional $2.00 per website page per month

    Build Image Gallery just like - starting from $600

  • Images are stored in Amazon AWS S3
  • Big full size images are distributed from Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Update the Gallery easily on Gallery List
  • Update New Gallery List In-Place, Line by Line
  • Sortintg table multi-column is just 1-click for ascending or descending
  • Number of image columns is adjustable
  • Number of images on one page can be set with paginator
  • Search image information in the Database
  • Django Hosting: Virtual Private Server
  • Tech Stack: Python, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, Ubuntu...
Payment of $600.00 USD
Unlimited .COM Domains for just $9.99* each!